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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Sep 26, 2019

Jennifer welcomes author, entrepreneur, and lover of tea, Anna Lovind. Anna is a creative guide and dream builder; she helps entrepreneurs to launch their creative ideas into action. Anna is a believer in inspired doing, the power of story, and using your voice to turn a vision into reality. She truly is an incredible woman who strives every day to inspire change and freedom.

In this episode, Anna talks about how her background and childhood influenced her as a writer and an artist. Jennifer and Anna talk about their shared struggle to balance being a mother, an individual, and an artist all at once. Anna discusses the inspiration behind her new book, The Creative Doer, and speaks to the healing process that writing has provided her. Finally, Anna and Jennifer discuss the creative process and highlight that it’s ok to give yourself permission to be messy throughout that process.

Full show notes:

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