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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Dec 6, 2018

Jennifer welcomes author, artist, actor, and mother, Ione Skye. As the daughter of a singer-songwriter and a model, Ione grew up in the spotlight and eventually became an actor herself. She is most notably known for her roles in Say Anything, Wayne’s World, and One Night Stand. Ione is also mother to two beautiful daughters, Kate and Goldie, whom she speaks of glowingly.

In this episode, Ione and Jennifer talk all things motherhood. They touch on topics ranging from teenage hormones and single motherhood to childhood anxiety and bedtime. Ione discusses her interesting upbringing and background. She was conceived in Scotland, born in England, grew up in Los Angeles and has had unique family dynamics throughout her life. Ione discusses her decision to leave school, become emancipated, and start her acting career at the tender age of 15. Her current projects include starring in the HBO dark comedy, Camping, and authoring multiple children’s books, including My Yiddish Vacation