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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Jan 30, 2020

Gabrielle Zuccaro is the founder and CEO of Bleu Clothing, a local store based in Los Angeles that values excellence and customer service above all else. Gabby was born to work in fashion and it certainly shows. As a child, Gabrielle was fortunate enough to spend plenty of time traveling and living between Los Angeles and Brindisi, Italy. Her experience abroad cemented her love for color, femininity, and fashion. These influences eventually inspired her to start her own business, Bleu Clothing. Gabby believes that women can do anything, all while looking put together. She stands behind the thought that feeling good walking into the world is a very powerful tool. While Gabby is the ultimate feminist, she loves to look beautiful for her husband. She gives her all to her son, Mars, her husband, Fred, her friends, her clients and anything else that crosses her path. She anticipates great things for both herself and her business in 2020.

In this episode, Jennifer and Gabby talk all about the origin story behind Bleu Clothing. Gabby speaks to her belief that a woman should feel great about the way she looks every day. As a local business owner herself, Gabby is a proponent of shopping local and encourages everyone to do so more often in order to support communities and families rather than corporations. Jennifer and Gabby bond over their shared experience as mothers of young boys with hectic schedules. Gabby speaks to how she has successfully and gracefully taken on the challenge of balancing her business and her family life. She credits her best friend and husband, Fred, as a major reason why she has been able to maintain that balance. Finally, Gabby talks about her goals for 2020 and beyond.

Full show notes: