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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Dec 19, 2019

Jules Blaine Davis is a kitchen healer, an awakener of the wisdom in our bodies, a mother and a holder for the stories we carry in our lives. Jules is a mystic walking the path of a pioneer, awakening us to our hunger for permission, freedom and ease in and out of the kitchen. She’s truly an artist in many realms, including painting poetry, performing arts, movement and meditation She invites us into this everlasting conversation with the mystery of our body, turning on the fire as medicine and the beauty way as deep nourishment. Jules creates spaces where women become who they truly are, giving new language to living a life that aligns with our longing and values in service to our Mama Earth.

In this episode, Jennifer and Jules partake in a meaningful conversation where they delve deep into grief, loss, personal tragedy, spirituality, being present and maintaining faith. They identify the need for us to slow down in our day-to-day lives and appreciate the moment through awareness. Jules opens up about her recent diagnosis and subsequent battle with sarcoma. Finally, Jules speaks to the work she’s been doing with her project, Patreon, a gorgeous healing collective of women all over the world. This contingent provides women a space to learn the language of longing, find the sacred in the mundane and everything in between.

Full show notes: