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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Dec 12, 2019

Jennifer welcomes to the podcast her very first Anonymous MILF. This week’s anonymous guest is a graduate of USC, a single mother, and a cammer. For those wondering, a cammer is a person who sells their sexuality on camera to someone who pays for it. There are myriad ways to do this and our guest keeps her identity anonymous to her clients. As a single mother struggling to get by after a brutally painful extrication from an abusive marriage, our guest discovered camming by happenstance. Before she knew it, she suddenly had an alternate stream of income to help her get by while she pursues her next career move. Anonymous speaks to the subculture of sex, camming, and turning her hobby into a stream of income to survive and take care of her daughter.

In this episode, Anonymous recalls the journey she took to become a cammer. Jennifer and Anonymous discuss their shared experience as single mothers and the incredibly difficult job that entails. Anonymous sheds light on the world of sex workers, sexuality and profiting off her own sex. She explains why she only participates in the exchanges that feel empowering for her. Anything that feels even a bit out of her integrity within this realm and she’s out. Finally, Jennifer and Anonymous speak to the importance of maintaining a judgment free zone in the bedroom. Feeling comfortable and welcome in such a vulnerable state only promotes healthier attitudes towards sex and human sexuality.

Full show notes: