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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Dec 5, 2019

Jennifer welcomes to the podcast relationship and intimacy coach, Katie Henricks. With a background in education and human sexuality, Katie teaches her clients the art of connection and ways to cultivate healthier relationships and emotional wellness through vulnerability. She got her start teaching erotic feminine movement back in 2008 and continued down the path of emotional wellness and sexual empowerment with ferocity. Her coaching methods utilize a combination of effective communication tools, education of masculine/feminine dynamics, and understanding the process of desire and expression. Today, Katie leads workshops and works with both couples and singles looking to have more satisfaction, range and depth in their intimate relationships. It is her mission to empower her clients in their deepest desires, giving them the approval to own those desires with total permission while having the tools to express them a healthy way.

In this episode, Katie shares her journey to becoming a certified relationship and intimacy coach. She opens up about being a survivor of domestic abuse and the struggle to escape that abuse as a new mother. Katie discusses the various support systems that helped her get through these difficult times. Additionally, Katie talks about how she got started with the practice of ‘OM’ (orgasmic meditation) and speaks to the difference between orgasm and climax. Jennifer and Katie discuss the importance of knowing your truth, opening up, and being vulnerable. Finally, Katie stresses why she places such a high value on women understanding and expressing their desires.

Full show notes: