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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Aug 15, 2019

Jennifer welcomes author and mother, Haley Evans. After years of feeling like her phone was pinging her to death, Haley decided enough was enough and started researching for what would eventually become a highly successful book. Haley’s book, Hung Up: Why You Should Put the Phone Down (and Other Life Advice) takes a fresh look at how smartphone addiction is affecting our children and our society with candid and personal narrative intended to inspire change.

In this episode, Haley reflects on the impact the death of her youngest brother Charlie had on her life and the lives of her immediate family. She opens up about this seminal moment of her life with beautiful vulnerability and grace. Haley talks about what inspired her to write a book about technology, phones, and social media. Jennifer and Haley discuss the disturbing truth that these devices influence, and often times dictate, our lives. They talk about best practices for parenting in a digital world and boundaries they have set for their children. Finally, Haley stresses the importance of freeing ourselves from the addiction we have to our phones.

Full show notes: