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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Jul 25, 2019

Jennifer welcomes fashion expert and entrepreneur, Katie Brown. A native of Los Angeles, Katie grew up in the town of Eugene, Oregon and has happily kept one foot in each of these two very different places she calls home. After spending more than a decade in the restaurant business, Katie brought her Southern California and Pacific Northwest inspirations to her creation of a clothing line of timeless and classic staples for the female wardrobe. And just like that, Katie Brown Los Angeles was born.

In this episode, Katie talks about the inspiration and mission of her clothing line, Katie Brown Los Angeles. Katie is adamant about running a company that is socially responsible, ethical and sustainable. It is through this culture that Katie Brown Los Angeles has made such a significant impact on the fashion industry. Jennifer and Katie discuss some serious issues within this burgeoning industry, including clothing sizes and body shaming. Finally, Katie shares the four pillars she strives to achieve every day for a successful life.

Full show notes: