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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Jul 11, 2019

Jennifer welcomes visionary founder & CEO of Petal, Candice Crane. Although raised in Chicago, Candice’s roots take her back to her birthplace, South Africa, where she spent summers surrounded by the beautiful landscape and her amazing family. The idea for creating a line of sparkling botanical beverages was inspired by her two grandmothers who planted the seeds for Candice to become the botanical alchemist she is today. In 2017, Candice drew on her background in production and marketing and founded Petal, an organic sparkling beverage company focused on organic goodness – to celebrate the rebels and romantics who inspire her – and to empower women everywhere to make their own dreams come true. She is a mother to two daughters, wife to her loving soulmate, and a boss in her workplace.

In this episode, Candice talks about the inspiration behind her entrepreneurial journey and the genesis of her startup beverage company, Petal. Candice opens up about her love of motherhood and her goal to set an example for her daughters that anything is possible through hard work, tenacity, and a strong will. Candice and Jennifer discuss their shared experiences raising children as well as the importance of remaining present in the moment. They talk about finding downtime for self-care, especially in the non-stop, rapid rate of our society. Finally, Candice speaks to the importance of valuing the journey over the destination.

Full show notes: