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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

May 16, 2019

Jennifer welcomes healer, birth coach, and ceremonialist, Haize Hawke Rosen. Rev. Haize Hawke is a proud mother of three and Mama Haize to her own community. She is a world traveler, educator, and mentor to those looking to be strong, loving, grounded and powerful beings. Haize leads a heart led life through meditation, dance, prayer, and emotional, fulfilling work.

In this episode, Haize shares her positive and exuberant outlook on life, from the beauty of love to the synchronicity of birth and death. She talks about the work she does as a healer, birth coach and ceremonialist and why she chose to become a doula. Haize and Jennifer discuss the concept that we are constantly giving birth to ideas, books, music and other forms of creativity. Finally, Haize and Jennifer discuss the importance of understanding your worth as a person.

Full show notes: