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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Apr 18, 2019

Jennifer welcomes television producer, comedian, speaker and ACS Sexologist, Wendy Miller. After spending years as a television producer at NBC, Wendy accepted the role as Head of Programming for Playboy TV. It was that career choice that changed her life dramatically. There, she learned incredible lessons about sex, judgment, and acceptance. She also has enough ridiculous stories that guarantee her the title of most interesting person at any dinner party!

In this episode, Wendy talks about her time at Playboy and the way that it changed her preconceived notions about what it would be like working there. Jennifer and Wendy share stories of how they have broached the topic of sex with their children. They discuss the importance of starting this conversation and education about sex early and without shame. Wendy tells the origin story of her podcast, Sex Ed The Musical, and shares some of the sex-themed jingles she has written for the show. Finally, Wendy tells the hilarious story of how she got married on a game show

Full show notes: