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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Mar 14, 2019

Jennifer welcomes television producer, writer, and actor, Aseem Batra. Aseem is best known for her work as a writer on The Cleveland Show, Scrubs, and as the creator of the NBC show, I Feel Bad. A small-town Georgia girl, her transition to a force in the world of television writing has been nothing short of inspiring. 

In this episode, Jennifer and Aseem talk about her entertainment career, from performing standup and writing her first spec script to working on a female-focused show with the legendary Amy Poehler. Aseem discusses the expectations she had going into her pregnancy and the harsh reality of what actually happened. Aseem talks about the issues she experienced postpartum, including depression, anxiety, and coping with her newborn son’s feeding disorder. Therapy was an incredible resource for Aseem during this trying time. Finally, Jennifer and Aseem discuss the support system that working mothers are sorely lacking and the double standard that comes with motherhood.

Full show notes: