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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Mar 7, 2019

Jennifer welcomes Hollywood producer, Carla Hacken. A true badass, Carla has held a multitude of roles within the entertainment industry and has the war stories to prove it! From representing premier actors to telling a young Brad Pitt that he should consider acting lessons, Carla has brought a no-nonsense and fierce approach to her career. Carla is best known for her work producing the critically acclaimed film, Hell or High Water, which earned her an Academy Award nomination in 2017 for Best Picture. Today, Carla serves as the co-President of production at Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.

In this episode, Jennifer and Carla talk about Carla’s background, from growing up in a tight-knit Jewish family in Savannah, Georgia to producing an Oscar-nominated film. Carla chronicles her career path through the entertainment industry, from working as one of the youngest talent agents, to becoming a producer and, eventually, a studio executive. Carla shares her journey to sobriety and the difficult challenges she faced while doing so in an industry and time where the use of drugs and alcohol was the norm. Carla discusses the difficulties she faced while trying to start a family late in life, including the multiple miscarriages she experienced. Jennifer and Carla talk about the guilt that working mothers experience and the affect it has on work-life balance. Finally, Carla discusses how women’s roles in production have changed throughout the course of Carla’s career. In short, there is still a long way to go for women to overcome the challenges they face in this industry.

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