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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Feb 28, 2019

Jennifer welcomes actor, writer, and mother, Kathleen Robertson. Kathleen is best known for her roles in Maniac Mansion, Beverly Hills, 90210, Boss, and Murder in the First. However, Kathleen is involved in so much more within the entertainment industry. She is an active movie and television show writer/producer, working on multiple projects. She actively seeks out opportunities to option books into television shows. All of this is in addition to raising her two children with her husband, Chris. She is an incredibly brilliant, talented and lovely woman who brings a lot of depth and insight to life.

In this episode, Jennifer and Kathleen talk about Kathleen’s acting career, which started when she was just ten years old. Kathleen describes the surreal experience of getting a bodyguard assigned to her while she was working on the hit show, Beverly Hills, 90210. She also discusses her decision to start writing and how that was a transformative moment in her career. Kathleen discusses her pregnancies and the tragic miscarriage she experienced. The emotional trauma and journey that followed was nothing short of devastating. Jennifer and Kathleen talk about the importance of creating a forum for women who have experienced miscarriages to express themselves. Breaking this stigma and educating women of the inherent risks of late-life pregnancies is one of Kathleen’s top priorities as she moves forward. Finally, Kathleen lists the current projects she is working on, including a new show premiering on Netflix this March entitled, Northern Rescue.

Full show notes: