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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Jan 17, 2019

Jennifer welcomes free spirit, entrepreneur, skincare formulator, and fellow mother, May Lindstrom. May’s epic story is that of a woman trying to find meaning in life through travel, love, and taking leaps of faith. After growing up in relative poverty in a small town in Minnesota, she decided to leave to pursue art school. From there, she began a journey that would span from Los Angeles and Mexico to Las Vegas and New Orleans with multiple stops in between. Through it all, she has worked as a cook, model, and makeup artist. However, she found her true passion in skincare, providing women with the world’s most nutritious and efficacious plant-based skincare formulas.

In this episode, Jennifer and May talk all about May’s fascinating life, from humble beginnings in a conservative Minnesota town to living with a vampire cult in New Orleans. No, we’re not making this up! Jennifer and May have a deep conversation about the importance of finding one’s voice and using that full voice to be true. They talk about love, sexuality, and the importance of self-care. May discusses the genesis of her company, May Lindstrom Skin, and her mission for all women to connect back to their skin while recognizing their unique beauty. Finally, she talks about the importance of shutting it down from a work standpoint in order to spend time with those who matter most—her friends and loved ones.

Full show notes: