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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Jan 10, 2019

Jennifer welcomes film producer, children’s author, entrepreneur, and mother of three beautiful daughters, Kimberly Muller. Kimberly is the true embodiment of a renaissance woman. Everything she touches turns to gold, as Jennifer discovers in today’s episode. Kimberly began her career in the film industry, working in publicity and promotions and, eventually, starting her own production company. After successfully producing two independent films, Kimberly retired to start a family. Since then, she has pursued a new dream, one that has been a passion of hers since early childhood—becoming an author of children’s books. Inspired by her daughters, Kimberly wrote her first book, The Adventures of Fifi & Noni. Since then, she has gone on to write a second book and is currently working on a third, which is being adapted into a children’s television show.

In this episode, Jennifer and Kimberly talk about Kimberly’s roots and background. We learn about Kimberly’s family and the inspiration they provided for Kimberly to pursue her dream of becoming the next Judy Blume. Kimberly talks about her second book, Last Night I Swam with the Mermaid, which has inspired a mission to help saves our oceans. In fact, Kimberly has partnered with Philippe Cousteau’s EARTHECHO International, a company that engages and challenges youth to shape the future of our planet. Kimberly also discusses other business ventures she’s involved with, including building a new concept in family dining called Au Fudge. Finally, Kimberly talks about her hopes for the future, including writing books for her children that teach and challenge them as they continue to grow up.

Full show notes: