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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Dec 27, 2018

Jennifer welcomes to the podcast, author, actor, former model, current entrepreneur and fellow mom, Catherine McCord. Catherine is the founder of Weelicious, a cooking blog turned lifestyle movement that has become popular amongst parents as a forum to discover wholesome, delicious, homemade food. Catherine is also the founder of One Potato, an organic home meal delivery kit service, focused on meeting the needs of families everywhere. As all moms know, it’s not always easy getting children to eat the right foods. Catherine is here to debunk that myth, showing that it’s not just possible, but plausible and fun!

In this episode, Catherine shares her backstory, from former actor and model to current foodie and entrepreneur. Jennifer and Catherine discuss their common love of motherhood and all the worries and joys that come with it. Catherine chronicles the genesis of her company, Weelicious, and speaks to her upcoming projects, including her new book, The Smoothie Project. Jennifer and Catherine also discuss their personal family rules on technology, video games, and cell phones. Finally, Catherine touches on the incredible success of her new company, One Potato, and defines what success truly means to her.

Full show notes: