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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Nov 15, 2018

Heidi Rose Robbins is an astrologer, poet, podcaster, wife, mother of two, and leader of Radiant Life Retreats. A friend of former MILF guest, Jules Blaine Davis, Heidi opened her home and shared her story with Jennifer. In her astrological practice, Heidi combines science with spiritual healing, helping individuals through major life transitions. She runs Radiant Life Retreats, where she performs astrological embodiments and helps women live more expressive and loving lives. Heidi’s new podcast, The Radiance Project, focuses on her loves of astrology, poetry, and very good company.

In this episode, Heidi and Jennifer bond over their love of motherhood. They share their unique stories of how they became mothers and the physical and emotional joys and pains that continue to come with it. Heidi talks about her educational background and what originally inspired her to pursue a career in astrology. She talks about the importance of support and love in her marriage and family life. Finally, Heidi reads Jennifer’s sun, moon, and rising signs, giving her insights from an astrological perspective.

Full show notes: