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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Nov 8, 2018

Lisa Eicher is a full-time homeschool educator and mother of four beautiful children. Lisa’s story is truly a unique and fascinating one. After giving birth to her daughter Ace, Lisa and her husband Joey decided to investigate adopting their second child. From a very young age, Lisa knew she wanted to adopt, and she fulfilled this dream through Reece’s Rainbow, an adoption agency that advocates and finds families for orphans with Down Syndrome and other special needs. Today, Lisa has four children (two biological, two adopted), four three-legged dogs, two pot-bellied pigs, and one wonderfully hectic life!

In this episode, Lisa and Jennifer discuss the incredible familial dynamic that comes with adopting two children with Down Syndrome. Lisa discusses the transitional period she and her family went through with each adoption and the impact this had on her biological children. Lisa credits her children’s maturity and kindness for the smooth transition. Lisa also discusses the artistic prowess of her adopted daughter, Sevy, whose paintings they now sell by the hundreds! Finally, Lisa and Jennifer discuss the importance of fostering relationships and finding the time to put work into a marriage.

Full show notes: