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MILF Podcast - Moms I'd Like to Follow

Sep 13, 2018

Elly Johnson’s story is truly amazing. She is an author, entrepreneur, and Australia’s leading truth and lies communication expert. She uses her expertise in truth, trust, and deception to transform the way people and organizations search for, and ultimately discover, the truth. A former police officer, Elly fully embraced becoming a “truth expert” after realizing there were striking similarities when searching for truth. Whether the goal is to solve a crime, hire the right candidate, or enter a new relationship, the search for truth is vital.

In this episode, we talk about truth and the role it plays in relationships, business, and everyday life. Elly dissects the psychology of lying and how many of us may not even realize how much we habitually lie. Elly discusses the goal of her company, Truth Ability, and explains her own five pillars of truth. She discusses her own relationships, both past and present, and the importance that genuine trust plays in building strong relationships. Finally, Elly implores us all to become the best versions of ourselves, regardless of who we may disappoint along the way.

Full show notes: